Emanuel, from ordinary boy to prince


Former cancer patient.
Fundación Natalí Dafne Flexer. (Argentina)

At the age of 14, I was in my second year at high school. I did not like to study and now neither, but it is necessary if I want to find a job I like and does not involve physical effort. Do you think I’m lazy? Maybe I am. I asked God for a two-week vacation because, believe it or not, I was stressing out about the number of classes I had, and I didn’t have such good academic grades. I think that like a regular kid.

How was it detected?

One ordinary day my allergist Maria Ines Grillo called my house and told us that a routine blood test had gone wrong. We went with my mother to the hospital to repeat the test and it wasn’t a good result. I had a lumbar puncture and that wasn’t right either. What was “wrong” was: there is something in your blood and it’s probably not right if the tests have to be repeated several times.

What have I got?

A doctor called my mom alone and told her my diagnosis. My mom listened and cried for a moment. Then the doctor called me and said, you’re going to miss school for a while.

What? For how long?

A few months, he replied. Inside I said: It’s great! This is the vacation I asked God for 2 weeks! By the way, think about what you ask of God… Sometimes he takes it very seriously, he always has a plan for everyone.

But… what do I have?

  • Eeeehh. You have… leukemia.
  • Well, I said. (I took it calmly) Can this be cured? (I thought it was like a flu. In fact, I never realized what leukemia was. Just out of ignorance, I did not ask, nor did I inform myself. I just kept in mind that I had to get through that moment, that it was going to be a temporary place. I did not suspect at any time before nor in the treatment that I could have died. Do not be alarmed, I say it because it is the reality, but God can change the reality of a boy to teach him to live every minute).

He said yes, that it could be cured… He explained the treatment to me. But I was stunned by the fact that I missed school with justification.

From ordinary boy to prince.

Immediately after telling me that what I had could bbe cured, a nurse came and took me in a wheelchair. I was brought to a room just for myself. I had cable TV and four meals a day. And very nice doctors. I was a prince! Could I ask for more!

Every time I see that scar, I remember what I lived and for a few seconds I reflect on the value of my life.

Emanuel and MR. Catheter, two inseparable friends.

It was only two weeks after my treatment, and they put the catheter on me because my veins couldn’t take it anymore. It was the solution to the chemo not to burning anymore.
The ugliest thing is that I didn’t play sports or anything while I had it. I didn’t go into any pool, and I took all the care I needed. Just because I didn’t want to fall and die of internal bleeding (hahahah I was obsessed and believed that I could die by a blow. Always consult your doctor).
At that time, I made my list of what I would do when the catheter was removed.
To be clear: I’m not crazy, I still don’t do any of these. If you want to achieve something, you have to strive and work hard. Maybe it’s time to pay that price. The list included the following:

  • Jump off the roof of my house. It’s 6 meters.
  • Do or dance break-dance (I always flake those jumps)
  • Freestyle with a bike. (Jumps with bike)

And I have to invent more because Mr. Catheter no longer lives in my body. We’re not friends anymore, even though I have him around, since I asked the surgeon.
I was left with an ugly scar (when I go to the pool I will show off with the girls and tell them the truth, that I fought with a band of thieves or something…). Every time I see that scar, I remember what I lived and for a few seconds I reflect on the value of my life.


As I was neutropenic (I had no defenses) every time I went out, and was not very often, I was wearing my mask. I loved going to the hospital and scaring the little boys. (I wonder what they thought, maybe a monster). It’s very funny if you’re NOT the kid with psychological trauma from seeing a guy in a mask.
I missed every 15th birthday of my year and I had many friends. It’s not that I had, it’s that we’re already in college and we didn’t get together as we did before. So, invite me to your birthday party.

Live your life by being happy and making other people happy. Looking at the need and practicing the solution.

The end of the story of an ordinary, very special boy

Well, after all that I went through in my sickness period, I’ve already made it through one stage of my life. I had an experience that is not learned with words and it was worth living it even though I cried.
My dad died in 2008, had lung and liver cancer (he was an alcoholic and smoked). He was with me in the treatment along with my mother, who was the one who was always by my side. I have thousands of funny anecdotes with both of them. Family plays an important role. It’s time for reconciliation, for valuing what you have and for letting go of worrying about what you lack. You can get through this.
I know. I’m very special, am I not? But I’m also a regular guy.

Thank you, Flexer Foundation

I can tell you to live your life by being happy and making other people happy. Looking at the need and practicing the solution.
I think the members of the foundation do this with every child who goes to them.
It’s their philosophy of life.