Cancer has become an important public health problem worldwide, and inequalities in access to cancer control result in differences in patients’ outcome.


Despite the improvement of survival rates in childhood leukemia last years, there is still a gap in survival between regions, even within well-organized international cooperative groups. 

CLOSER aims to harmonize the levels of care and reduce inequalities in the outcome of childhood leukemia patients in Latin America and Europe. To do that, we will create a framework of collaborative, multidisciplinary research between both regions.

Childhood leukemia care should be addressed from a global point of view,


considering not only scientific aspects, the amount of technological and human resources and the current health policies, but also economic, cultural, social and environmental particularities between countries.

To approach childhood leukemia from an integral perspective, we will include researchers, physicians, patients and families, policymakers, small and medium-sized enterprises and civil society representatives as


CLOSER will allow a more fluent collaboration worldwide to improve childhood leukemia control.