Leukemia symposium

On November 17, a Leukemia Symposium will take place in the Mónica Suarez Auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile.

At the event, topics such as stratification in the different risk groups in pediatric lymphoblastic leukemia, the prognostic factors of this leukemia, the use of immunotherapy with CAR-T cell and the new protocol of the Intercontinental ALL IC BFM 2022 consortium will be addressed; as well as the situation of the use of residual disease and the new treatment strategies in childhood myeloid leukemia will be reviewed.

Likewise, the symposium will serve to publicize the achievements of the CLOSER project, especially the e-learning course on Pediatric Leukemia Diagnosis integrated with the laboratory

If you want to register to participate, send an email to: closerleukemiasymposium@gmail.com