Aid organizations


Meet the 3 aid organizations that participate in CLOSER. They will be your main allies by providing you information, support, services, contacts and much more…


Asociación Pulseras Candela

Children and adults across the country weaving bracelets in exchange for micro-donations for child cancer research. It started out almost like a game of Candela and her friends when they were in the hospital, but quickly spread throughout the country. Today, hundreds of people weave this incredible network of solidarity, which by 2019 had already raised 2.6 million euros and received prestigious awards.

Fundación María Cecilia de Ayuda al Niño Oncológico

Promoted by the parents of Maria Cecilia, a girl who died of leukemia in 1991, this association accompanies children and their families throughout the treatment. It was also the first institution in South America to offer a free hematology and oncology service within a public institution.

Natali Dafne Flexer Foundation

1,500 users benefit monthly from all the work carried out by this foundation, which has created an Integral Care Program for leukemia patients. It provides patients and their families with psychological support and guidance and accompaniment to access all necessary resources during treatment.

Asociación Pulseras Candela

Barcelona (Spain)

Candela Bracelets is the effort of many families and friends who share a common goal: to support childhood cancer research.

It all started on the Onco-Hematology floor of the Sant Joan de Déu Pediatric Hospital in Barcelona, when Candela, at the age of 11, was diagnosed with leukemia. A volunteer from the hospital taught her how to make bracelets with macramé knots. She taught her friends Mariona and Daniela, who were 9 years old, and they had te idea to exchange the bracelets for donations that couls be used to research childhood cancer. All of Candela’s young companions, their families and friends joined this initiative.

The kids asked society for help. The initiative spread and soon hundreds of volunteers joined them, creating a solidarity network where educational centers, nursing homes for the elderly, shops, neighborhood associations, etc. participated.

The project, which contributes to research and promotes the collaboration of society as a whole, has received numerous awards, including the 2017 Mobilize Award from the UNICEF Spanish Committee.

In 2017, three years after starting the project, “Pulseras Candela” was established as a non-profit association.

Currently, the association’s mission is to encourage and promote research. Through the bracelets we raise funds for public and private entities of recognized prestige dedicated to the investigation of childhood cancer.

The Asociación Pulseras Candela also dedicates efforts to disseminate the specific needs of children with cancer, as well as raise awareness of the value of research.

Fundación María Cecilia de Ayuda al Niño Oncológico

San Isidro, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Fundación Maria Cecilia de Ayuda al Niño Oncológico was born in 1991. It was born as an initiative of a group of parents with children in treatment and children who had died of cancer. They wanted, through their experiences, to give life to an organization that could help and accompany other families that were going through this situation.

It is named after María Cecilia Trotta, a girl who died of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia that same year and whose parents were the promoters of the Foundation.

In 1994, an institutional alliance was signed with the Maternal and Child Hospital of San Isidro, thus creating the first hemato-oncology service within the Northern Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires.

Our Foundation is the first institution in South America to support a free comprehensive hemato-oncology service, within a public organization.

Our main objective is to provide treatment and support to children and adolescents with cancer, as well as economic and psychosocial support to their families.

Natali Dafne Flexer Foundation


The Natali Dafne Flexer Foundation is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote the access of children, adolescents and young people with cancer to adequate treatment, in a timely manner, and to provide them and their families with the best conditions of support and care, throughout the treatment and beyond.

We offer our services free of charge to 1500 children and young people and their families every month.

We have 9 sites located within and/or in front of the main hospitals in Argentina, which have a Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Service.

From the moment of diagnosis of a hemato oncological disease, families participate in the Foundation’s Integral Care Program, which includes support for access to all resources related to treatment, social assistance, psychological support, recreation and informative books.